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Laura Geronimo


Fall 2019

I am pursuing a PhD in Planning and Public Policy with a focus on climate change mitigation, recovery, and adaptation for coastal communities. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning in 2019, and began the PhD program at Rutgers in Fall 2019. Prior to Georgia Tech I spent 5 years in Puerto Rico where I began as a tour guide in Vieques, and eventually worked my way into a job as a planning assistant for a local consulting firm in San Juan called Estudios Técnicos, Inc. There I was involved in climate change mitigation and adaptation work for various clients. Since moving back to the mainland U.S., I have been studying the disaster mitigation and recovery planning process in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Though I am still exploring research ideas, I am interested in comparing the experiences of post-disaster recovery and climate adaptation in Puerto Rico with experiences in New Jersey, and how these context-specific experiences can inform policy and planning. I have a deep passion for the coast: while in Puerto Rico I loved to practice surfing, kite-boarding, snorkeling, SCUBA, ocean kayaking, and exploring the islands with friends.