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Janine Barr

Fall 2019 I am pursuing a Masters degree in Oceanography. Generally, I am interested in studying the science and management of marine ecosystems. I am particularly interested in understanding how human-caused stressors, including climate change, impact the ecological health of marine environments. My Masters research will focus on the coastal ecology of oyster farms and

Sophia Blanc

Fall 2019 Since first learning about issues of water resources and climate change, I have grown a passion for understanding and addressing them. While pursuing my B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rutgers, I conducted research in Dr. Nicole Fahrenfeld’s lab relating to combined sewer overflows, a primary water quality issue in New Jersey.

Brittin Boenning

Fall 2019 Joint M.S. student in Ecology & Evolution and Landscape Architecture

Laura Geronimo

Fall 2019 I am pursuing a PhD in Planning and Public Policy with a focus on climate change mitigation, recovery, and adaptation for coastal communities. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning in 2019, and began the PhD program at Rutgers in Fall 2019. Prior to Georgia Tech

Laura Landau

Fall 2019 I was born and raised in Rhode Island (the Ocean State!) and have lived in New York since 2008. I hold a BA in Urban Studies from Barnard College, and a MS in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute, where I focused on public space and the role of community organizing post-Sandy

Anna Marshall

Fall 2019 I was a freshman at Fordham University in the Bronx when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. I declared my major early, environmental studies and urban studies, but Hurricane Sandy made me very interested about how communities prepare, recover and adapt to coastal hazards, and how professionals can build a career by working

Ashlyn Spector

Fall 2019 I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and received my B.S. degree in Geology from The University of Florida. I had been interested in studying the effects of climate change and how to combat them using science and policy efforts. This ultimately led me to Rutgers, where I am currently a M.S.

Julie Blum

Fall 2018 M.S. Student in the Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution

Carolyn Iwicki

Fall 2018 I’m a PhD student in Rutgers’ Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program and a member of Dr. Olaf Jensen’s lab.  I grew up in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC, though I spent most of my summers in Cape May.  After earning my B.S. in Environmental Biology from Christopher Newport University, I moved just up

Carrie Martin

Fall 2018 Prior to coming to Rutgers University, I graduated as a double major in May 2018 with a B.A. in Public Policy and Environmental Science and Policy from William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I was fortunate enough to take classes in Sustainability and the Chesapeake Bay, Aquatic Ecology, and Coastal Marine Environments. These