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Marjorie Kaplan


Rutgers Climate Institute – Environmental Policy

Robert Kopp

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences – Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change Risk Analysis

Rick Lathrop

Department of Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources – Landscape Ecology/Geography

Robin Leichenko

Department of Geography – Economic Geography

Ken Miller

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences – Paleo-Oceanography

Daphne Munroe

Department of Marine & Coastal Sciences – Marine Ecology

Robert Noland

Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy – Transportation Planning

Karen O’Neill

Department of Human Ecology – Land and Water Policy

Victoria Ramenzoni

Victoria Ramenzoni

Department of Human Ecology — Coastal Communities, Marine and Coastal Policies

Ying Fan Reinfelder

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences – Hydrogeology